My name is Kori. I am a story teller. 

Watch the video  here. 

Watch the video here. 

My children love to hear stories about themselves. Their faces light up when I tell them what they used to do and their favorite sayings. We make sense of ourselves through story. The stories of who we are matter. 

My Uncle Moh was the first person to tell me the story of me. I began to ask my parents and family members about their stories. I love to hear the stories of people for in the stories you find understanding and direction.

When I was seven years old, I was acutely aware of the gender expectations around me. I understood that people asked when my father would have a son, as if my sisters and I were not enough. My response to the cultural values was to assert that anything boys could do, girls could do and I began my resistance to being put in a box. Understanding the messages we receive about our worth, what we can do, where we can go, and our "place" allows us to push against stifling paradigms.

I love reading, writing, great food, community, entertaining and pondering deep and intense issues. I question anything that gets in the way of a beautiful, powerful, and impactful life. Here you will find me writing the stories of grace, belonging, authenticity, faith, courage and inclusion.

I am a people inclusion strategist, advocate, speaker, writer, status quo disruptor, child of God, wife and mother of two curly-haired, wise, energetic, fierce, spitfire daughters. My family is multi-ethnic, multi-racal, multi-religious and spans multiple nationalities. I bring a fierce love of community and belonging that transcends differences to my work, ministry and life.  I love to sing, cook, entertain, dance in the hallways at work and read when I am not equipping leaders to be inclusive, interrupt bias and disrupt the status quo. At my day job I focus on developing and implementing strategies for individual career and diversity and inclusion success, and help organizations build bridges across differences and improve inclusion. When I am not "working" I focus my voice and talent on issues of gender equity and rights, inclusion, and human and civil rights, serving in my church and community, and cherishing my phenomenal tribe and community. I am energized by helping people live their best lives.